Chronicle of the visit to know the best of Chicago in two days


Cloud Gate sculpture in the Millennium Park in Chicago

In ourroad trip through the United States it's our turnvisit Chicago.

As we get closer to the city, we enter the huge highway junctions of many lanes for every sense of direction towards its imposing skyline.

It really impresses.Chicago is colloquially known asSecond city(The Second City) orWindy city (The City of the Wind) and is the third city with the highest number of population in the United States, behindNew York andThe Angels.

Chicago Navy Pier in Illinois

With its three million inhabitants in the metropolitan area,Chicago is a cyclist's paradise. and it has been recognized over the years as a pro-bicycle city, with more than 160 kilometers of bike paths.

In all buses it is allowed to transfer bicycles (in other cities visited we have also been able to see how urban buses have a contraption at the front to place the bicycles), as well as on trains, and at any time.

Nowadays,Chicago It is a dynamic and culturally diverse city, and it is where the famous gangster livedAl Capone which ruled in the eastern sector of it.

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  • What to see and do in Chicago in two days

What to see and do in Chicago in two days

Following the recommendations of the travel guides of Internet, we headed straight toNavy pier.

Chicago Navy Pier in Illinois

This is the area of ​​the city where the population ofChicago and tourists enjoy the beauty and excitement of a day in theMichigan Lake.

Leisure in Navy Pier

From a simple walk through its parks and gardens, to restaurants and exhibitions, or to go shopping or take a tourist cruise,Navy pier It has a great leisure offer and is a different place from the others.

There is also an IMAX cinema, theChicago Children's Museum, Chinese acrobats and places to relax in front of the lake, such asBeer garden.

Navy pier It is something similar to an amusement park located on a large Chicago pier, facing the lake, and is the first tourist and leisure destination in the Midwest of the United States, as it attracts more than 8.6 million visitors a year .

After walking for a couple of hours by Navy pier, we retrieved the car from the parking lot and headed downtowndowntownfrom the city.

Boats on the Chicago Navy Pier in Illinois

Chicago downtown

After parking, we headed to a famous photography shop that had located by Internet.

We wanted them to take a look at our camera because I was making the photographs a bit clear.

We were kindly attended there, and after an interior cleaning, something improved the quality of the photos, but not quite, that is, the problem with the camera continues ...

As he parking like the photography shop they were on an avenue where the subway passed over the street, about seven meters high; then we learned that all the Chicago subway It is high.

We took a great walk around the downtown for a couple of hours.

Metro through downtown Chicago downtown in Illinois


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It is amazing the lifetime that these cities offer, since they give the sensation of large moles of cement, of a certain coldness, and they are really much warmer and more welcoming than it may seem, they are more human than can be transmitted.

Chicago Riverside

Tour theRiverside, walk around the Chicago river which runs through the center of the city, is an experience.

The river passes between the very high skyscrapers, among them the well-known corn cob-shaped buildings, as opening space in a jungle.

The channel is relatively narrow, narrow between the buildings, narrow and boxed, but it allows for delicious places to walk, sunbathe or have a drink in some of the bars and cafés.

HeRiverside we toured it several times during the days we were inChicago. In the center of the city there are stairs to go down to the river promenade.

Riverside in downtown downtown Chicago in Illinois

HeChicago river It is actually a 251 kilometer long watercourse, the result of a civil engineering work carried out in the 19th century when, for reasons of hygiene, the direction of its waters was altered.

Its natural flow was directed towards the basin of theMississppi river, far fromMichigan Lake, where it flowed before.

Chicago bike ride

As it was a sunny day with heat, and being in one of the cycling cities par excellence, when passing through a bike rental post we rented a pair of bikes, yes, very expensive compared to those of Vancouver, 12 dollars against 27 dollars each for two hours.

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Still today we remember the sensations of the greatChicago bike ride.

We toured the parks and gardens ofdowntown; we headed towards the walks that line the lake Michigan, where there were many people running, playing, cycling or sunbathing.

Riverside in downtown downtown Chicago in Illinois

These freshwater lakes are really like seas, and have their huge beaches, marinas, canoe rentals, boats and almost transatlantic that transport you to various destinations on their remote shores.

We went to himShedd Aquarium and theAdler Planetarium, from where the view of the city, itsskyline It is impressive, and the sunny day made it more remarkable if possible.

We also toured theLakeshore East Park.

From there, back we pass through the Millennium Park, and after two hours or so we returned the bikes.

Michigan Avenue in Chicago

After having a restful beer, from the Riverside we go up to theMichigan Avenue, something likeFifth Avenue in New York.

Skyscrapers in Chicago

We ate there in a modern place, the Watersweet restaurant, with pretensions of wanting to be classic, a meal with well prepared dishes, more or less original and generous in quantity.

Finally, around 17 hours we picked up the car and, after touring new areas of the city by car, near the hotel we looked for a super and we bought dinner, and then go to rest and connect with Internet.

It has been a very pleasant day and we have stayedvery pleasantly surprised with Chicago, which we have found a beautiful and pleasant city, although we fear that in winter you should make ascratchunbearable, as we have read.

Its opening to the sea, sorry to the lake, gives you some attractions ofcoastal city.

Millennium Park in Chicago

In our second day in Chicago we headed straight to Millennium Park.

Skyscrapers in Chicago

This park is a recreational and artistic urban development in the city that occupies ten hectares of the city center, and was opened to the public in 2004

Hemillennium park He has won several awards, and several works of art and architecture that individually stand out in his fields meet.

The most notorious work is theJay Pritzker Concert Hall, designed by the Canadian architectFrank Gehry, which can house seven thousand people, distributed between the stands and the lawn in front of the stage.

One of the icons ofChicago Millennium Park is the sculptureCloud gate, fromAnish Kapoor, which is really fantastic and very original.

It is like a silver cloud that mirrors everything that happens around it, with the deformations caused by its shape.

Another outstanding work of the park is the fountainCrown Fountain from SpanishJaume Plensa, which uses light games that reflect figures and photos in its stones, such as Barack Obama when we were there

Cloud Gate sculpture in the Millennium Park in Chicago

This park is formidable, with really special works of art.

During our visit, in the rest of the park, on a large green esplanade with lots of trees, there was a popular art fair with a multitude of stalls and styles, and all at reasonable prices.

Where Route 66 begins in Chicago

Near there we look for (and finally find ...) the beginning of theHistoric Route 66, which ends in theSanta Monica Pier,where a few weeks ago we had been.

You can find this beginning in the Jackson Avenue, almost corner with the Michigan Avenue.

It really did not excite to have been so much in the origin, as in the end, and to have traveled an important part of its route by Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.

University of Chicago

University of Chicago

Around noon, already hungry in our stomachs, we went tovisit the University of Chicago.

It is one of theresearch universities most recognized and prestigious in the world.

He has had a total of 85Nobel Prizes and is more specifically known for its already nine Nobel Prizes in Economics.

In this university, thePresident Barack Obama He was a renowned professor specializing inConstitutional right.

TheUniversity of Chicago It is located in the area of Hyde park, on the south side of Chicago, about 15 minutes from downtown.

University of Chicago

During our visit we found that the university campus is huge, very Anglo-Saxon, full of green parks, lots of grass, ivy on the walls, gardens, many buildings andColleges

In short, cozy corners, with really beautiful and attractive buildings.

The places are really a call to study, and we really wanted to sign up for a course.

On our walk, the first thing we did was look for a restaurant, and finally we ate in a Greek one, with Mediterranean, family cuisine, with American touches.

After eating, we continued walking through those streets, finding buildings of libraries and museums, some of which stood out for the ivy that practically covered their facades.

We also had time to rest on a bench next to a small pond with water lilies.

University of Chicago

We were struck that at numerous street crossings there were posts stuck in the ground, similar to those used to pay for the blue Zone, which really were an alarm system where at the press of a button the police were notified.

As indicated, it was aimed at preventing assaults on passers-by and students.

Another place to highlight was theLoyola University of Chicago, a private Catholic school belonging to theJesus company.

Founded in 1870 in the west of Chicago, it has several campuses, with multiple buildings, libraries and sports fields, and welcomes around 15,000 students.

Finally we return todowntown Chicago, where we last saw one of the strikingriverside skyscraper, and in this way we say goodbye to this metropolis that has captivated us much more than expected.

Nice city !!!