Coast to Coast (108) - This was the walk through Ottawa, capital of Canada


Ottawa in Canada

In our route through eastern Canada, at coast to coast trip, It's todayvisit Ottawa.

After leaving the hotel, we headed to the other side of the river by the Alexandra Bridge.

While we try to locate how to get to the bridge, we pass through a green, clear area, next to which many embassies are concentrated in privileged places, especially those of the Arab countries of the Persian Gulf.

Through the bridge we reach the Quebec province, already a French zone, and that is actually an island: the hull island.

Ottawa Tour

We go to Canadian Museum of Civilization, which is located in a very well kept park next to the Ottawa River, with fantastic views of the city center and the great building of the Canadian Parliament just in front.

Canadian Parliament in Ottawa

We thought to enter the museum, on whose theme and contents we get an idea by reviewing the exhibition of the entrance, but finally we decided not to visit it because we think that for the somewhat high price of the entrance it may not be worth it.

In return, we were walking a long time through the different areas of the surrounding gardens, where we saw a sculpture exhibition Pretty originals stuck in the grass.

We could also visit a square located on a restaurant of a certain quality that at that time, at the time, was closed.

To highlight the group of flags of all the Canadian provinces that were waving, next to which there was a display where the main characteristics of each province were explained. In this regard, I remind you that in Canada There are 10 provinces and three territories.

Monument next to the Parliament of Canada in Ottawa

The truth is that the exterior design of the Canadian museum is really original. There is also a nice zen garden, for which we took a long walk enjoying the views of the bridges that cross the river, and seeing on the other side the panorama of the center downtown of the Ottawa city.

In our walk we have also been able to see the monument to Maurice Richard, who had been a legendary Canadian ice hockey player, who died in 2000 at 79 years of age.

This is a huge statue that shows this player on a large scale, I would say three times the normal one, on his skates and his stick In a typical posture of this sport.

Monument to Maurice Richard in Ottawa in Canada

Several flower beds of very well maintained colors, with a contrast of colors that called attention adorn the gardens.

Elsewhere in the park the history of masts was repeated with all the flags of all Canadian provinces and territories. Many ducks walked in a group on the grass near the river. In short, an almost idyllic environment.

Back to the car, we go deeper into the residential part of the area, where there were several churches of various Christian creeds, some religious school, a restaurant and, above all, beautiful wooden houses, each with its colors and its different forms, which seemed very original to us.

National Gallery building in downtown Ottawa in Canada


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We crossed the bridge back to the province of Ontario, and we could see some monuments dedicated to Canadian soldiers fallen in the various wars. We also saw from the outside the building of the National Gallery Museum.

In this way we ended this quick visit from Ottawa and decided to go to Montreal by road 148.

En route, all through the province of Quebec, we pass through really beautiful villages, such as Thurso, Plaisance, Papineauville, Montebello, Grenville, Hawkesbury, all on the banks of rivers and small small lakes.

Canadian soldiers monuments in downtown Ottawa in Canada

As it was Saturday, there was enough animation in the streets of these villages. We have seen small churches, well-ordered cemeteries, groups of people with their canoes, others with their bikes, quite a few people walking and hiking.

We could see that Canadians, in general, are quite athletic, that infrastructure is very well equipped for their practice, and people use them.

Ottawa Photos

Here you have more photos of our visit to Ottawa, in Canada.