Palace of Fine Arts, classical architecture in the San Francisco Marina

Palace of Fine Arts in La Marina de San Francisco @Photo: Prayitno

In you San Francisco visitduring your travel through the western United States, you will also find some architectural surprise.

I refer to the most common classical style constructions to see in the cities of the east coast, as above all happens in Washington.

Specifically, the Palace of Fine Arts (Fine Arts), located in the district of The marine, in the northern part of San Francisconear the famous suspension bridge Golden gate.

History Palace Fine Arts San Francisco

It is a palace located next to a lake, which was built in 1915 for a Pacific Exhibition, and whose architectural style is inspired by the classicism of Greece and Rome.

In fact it is one of the few surviving constructions of this exhibition, which was actually rebuilt in 1965 after the previous palace was demolished.

At the same time as this reconstruction, the design of the landscaped environment and the surrounding lake was also carried out.

He San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts It is a pergola-shaped architectural ensemble, with a central roundabout and colonnades, all in classical architectural style.

Until 2013 it also hosted the Exploratorium, an interactive science museum that has moved to the area of San Francisco Pier.

Now he is one of the corners of San Francisco visited by tourists, as well as a place where weddings are held.