How to climb and visit the Space Needle tower in Seattle


Space Needle Tower in Seattle

If you go to travel to Seattle during a west coast trip, you will know that the Space Needle Tower It is the main attraction of this modern city.

Seattle It is the largest city in the state of Washingtonat northwestern United States, about 150 kilometers from the border with Canada.

And it is also the host city and where the multinational was founded Boeing, and also where the famous rock guitarist was born Jimy Hendrix.

Panoramic views of Seattle from the Space Needle tower

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How is the Space Needle Tower

Space needle It is a communications tower that was built in 1962 in the image and likeness of a similar tower in the German city of Stuttgart.

With 184 meters high, the Space Needle tower it is an implicit image of skyline from Seattle, and when you get on the platform lookout at the top of it, you will have a 360 degree panoramic view of the city, its surroundings and the Pacific Ocean.

I still haven't had the chance to visit Seattle and, therefore, to climb this great tower, but the friend Salvador Samaranch yes he did during his enviable coast to coast travel through the United States and Canada.

How to climb the Space Needle Tower

Here you can read the experience savior after climb to the Seattle Space Needle Tower.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle in Washington State

We park relatively close to the famousSeattle telecommunications tower, theSpace needle.

TheSpace needle dates from a great exhibition that was held in 1962, and is currently theattraction more recognizable from Seattle.

As a curiosity, he has been part of the logo of the television show Frasier, and has appeared in scenes of the series Anatomy of Gray.

The fairground surrounding the "needle" has been converted into theSeattle Center, which remains the venue for cultural events and music festivals.

HeSeattle Monorail It was also installed from the same exhibition in 1962, and still runs from the Seattle Center to the Westlake Center, a downtown Seattle shopping center that is just over a mile away.

Afterpay admission, we climb to the upper platform, from where we enjoy somespooky views of Seattle and surroundings, the Pacific Ocean, lakes and residential neighborhoods.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle

Also of excellent views of the skyline that we had already photographed as we approached the city, but now we can see from a unique perspective.

The upper platform of the tower has huge windows that allow you to have a360 degree panoramic, but you can also go out to a properly fenced outdoor terrace. Pretty people visiting the tower, but without crowds.

On this upper floor there are bars and cafes, a fairly large restaurant and a small cinema where they explain the different aspects of the tower, its design and construction.

There are also several murals distributed with touch screen to further deepen those aspects that interest you most.

After staying about an hour in the viewpoint of theSeattle Space Needle and after a small wait due to the queue that had formed, we descended in the elevator to the ground floor.

Although during the ascent in the elevator, the elevator operator had taken advantage of the time in the ascent to give us some basic explanations of the tower and its safety measures, during the descent ask those present that we have found and enter into a small dialogue with everyone U.S.

Space Needle Tower in Seattle


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On the ground floor a huge Seattle souvenir shop and, specifically, of the tower. Huge imagination to design different objects or clothes inspired by the tower.

If after reading it you sign up to live a similar experience in your next Seattle visit, you are interested in knowing the practical information to climb the tower.

Space Needle schedules

The schedules to climb the Seattle Space Needle tower they are every day of the week, from 9 in the morning to 9 at night, with last access half an hour before closing time.

The Space Needle Tower is open for visitors every day of the year.

Space Needle tower ticket prices

For their part, the Ticket prices to upload to the Space Needle (2018) are, generally, from 32.50 (from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m.) to $ 37.50 for adults; children from 4 to 12 years old, from 24.50 to 28.50 dollars; and seniors +65, from 27.50 to 32.50 dollars.

With the online purchase you ensure a day and time for your visit, and it is the best way to avoid the queues that are formed to climb, and to ensure entry.

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