Tourist tram ride through the steep streets of San Francisco

Historic cable trams in San Francisco

One of the curiosities and attractions of your tourist visit to San Francisco is to see the historic trams drive through the steep streets of the city.

But in addition to seeing them you can enjoy a ride aboard these trams that have now become a tourist attraction more than in a true means of transport.

But did you know that San Francisco trams Do they have an original operating system by means of cables?

Historic cable trams in San Francisco

It is not the usual trams that move by electric traction with cables laid by means of posts, but they do so by means of cables that are inserted in the rails that extend along the road of the streets.

The San Francisco cable tram network It is the last one left in the world of these characteristics, and its survival is due, in large measure, to the fact that, as I have said before, they have become a great tourist attraction.

In fact in San Francisco two lines of cable trams starting from the center (Downtown) of the city, near the Union Square, and are directed by the steep slopes of the neighborhood of Nob hill towards the tourist area of Fisherman's wharf.

San Francisco cable tram history

He first cable tram began to circulate in the streets of San Francisco in 1873.

Historic cable trams in San Francisco

Years later, in 1892, the first electric trams arrived, which jeopardized the continuity of the original cable trams.

And the same happened when the first 20s of the last century arrived buses to San Francisco.

But still some cable tram lines remained active, although in 1986 they were closed because for security reasons the entire system had to be rebuilt.

Since then, the San Francisco cable trams They have maintained their activity for tourist walks. Because of this end, the price of the bill to use the cable tram is elevated, $ 5 per way.

Now, 40 percent of users use it without paying, given the large number of users tourists cramming the trams and make it difficult for the driver to charge the ticket.

Historic cable trams in San Francisco

Such is the tradition that even in 1974 theSan Francisco streetcar museum in which you can see old trams and mechanical devices and accessories of these vehicles, as well as a large collection of old photos.

San Francisco streetcar photos

Here you have more photos of typical San Francisco trams.