Route 66 - Twisters, a 50 'style bar in Williams

Williams Twisters Bar on Route 66 in Arizona

In the trip from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon of the Colorado on Interstate 40, which was actually the historic Route 66, you will reach Williams

This is the town from where you will turn north to take the road that with only 88 kilometers will allow you to reach the Grand Canyon, on its southern edge (South rim).

But before heading to the National Park of Grand Canyon, it is worth stopping at Williams.

Twisters Bar in Williams, Route 66 through Arizona

In fact, this town has a long tradition of stopping at the Route 66.

In Williams you will find bars, restaurants andseveral motels Where to spend the night Staying in one of them would be a good option if you can't find a room in one of the Grand Canyon Village hotels, or on the way to the national park.

Bar Twiters in Williams

For this stop the Route 66In addition to taking a short walk, it is essential that you go to the flashy Twisters bar, which is advertised as a 50's Soda fountains'.

Williams Twisters Bar on Route 66 in Arizona

You will not be disappointed because thanks to its careful decoration you will have the full feeling of being in a typical American bar of the 50s'.

He Twisters bar It is undoubtedly one of the most recommended visits in the Route 66 for Arizona.

Finally I tell you that Williams is also known for being the town from where you cango to the Grand Canyon on a historic steam train, which has become a new tourist attraction.

It is certainly an original way to reach the national park.

Photos of Twisters bar

Here you have more Twisters bar photos, what can you meet at Williams, in the Route 66 in Arizona.