Route 66 - Wigwam Motel, sleep in a tent at an Indian camp

Wigwam Motel on Route 66

In our trip to the west coast of the United States, among the many curiosities that we can find, is the possibility of spending the night in a motel that is mounted as if from a traditional indian camp it will be, where can we sleep in one of the stores.

I refer to the so-called Wigwam Motel, original establishment of which in the 50s there were up to seven different motels throughout the historic Route 66.

During that time, the success of these motels was also propitiated by the rise of the automobile culture of long trips through the western United States, for which the aforementioned Route 66 It became an icon. In fact, as part of the current decoration of these motels, next to the stores we will find parked car models from the 50s.

Wigwam Motel Room on Route 66

Nowadays only three of these motels are operational. One of them we will find in Saint Bernardine, in California, on the route from Los Angeles to Phoenix. One second Wigmam Motel is found in Holbrook, in Arizona, on Route 66, west of Flagstaff. And a third in Cave city, in the state of Kentucky, the first of which was built.

These original motels have their origin in the imagination of Frank Redford, an Indian culture enthusiast, who in 1933 He built in Horse City, a town in Kentucky, a large Indian store with relics and souvenirs. Subsequently, next to it, she raised other stores so that visitors could spend the night, creating what was called Wigwam Village.

Wigwam Motel on Route 66

In 1937 Redford got the patent for this type of building and built a new Indian town in Cave City, which is one of the three that is still open today.

Actually these stores are not canvas, but these are structures built with steel and cement, almost 16 meters high and 7.6 in diameter. At original Wigwam Motel from Cave City There are 15 bedroom stores that have two windows and a small toilet inside.

Include the usual equipment at any motel, such as television, air conditioning, heating, and even Wifi. In addition, in the "Indian camp" there are three more larger stores that serve as office and souvenir shops.

The accommodation prices in Wigwam motels They are the usual ones in this type of road establishment, between 6th and 70 dollars the room ... rather, the store.

Then I leave the links of the Websites of the three Wigwam motels in case you are curious to stay in them during your trip through the west coast of the United States.

  • Web of the Wigwam Motel of San Bernardino in California
  • Web of the Wigwam Motel of Holbrook in Arizona
  • Cave City Motel Wigwam website in Kentucky