How to visit and what to see in the spectacular Antelope Canyon in Arizona


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One of the places that can most impress those who do a travel through the national parks of the western United States is Antelope Canyon.

It is a spectacular natural site located at northern arizona, next to the town of Page and the recreational park of Glen canyon, and which is considered as a Navajo Indians tribal park.

Personally I have not yet had occasion to go to Antelope Canyon, but all who have visited it express their impression, as the Galician traveler Meiga, which in your personal blog “Meiga in Alaska”, he tells us:

Lights and colors in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Antelope Canyon is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. The walls of this small canyon in the middle of the Arizona desert are so full of magic and softness that it is shocking. If I had to keep a place among all, I would choose this one. ”

Antelope Canyon is what is called as narrow canyon, which, through the photographs taken by the travelers who visit it, transmits an impressive beauty.

In this way it becomes one of the places where the most beautiful snapshots are taken in the west coast of the United States.

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Where is Antelope Canyon

For visit Antelope Canyon you must go to Page, a town located on the border between northern Arizona and southern Utah, about three hours north of the Grand Canyon of the Colorado.

Lights and colors in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Located next to the aforementioned recreational area of Glen canyon, and specifically, on the banks of Lake powell, the canyon is at an altitude of 1,200 meters, and its winding walls between which the light penetrates are about 40 meters high.

What to see in the Antelope Canyon visit

Antelope Canyon It is divided into two zones, the upper cannon (Upper canyon) and the lower cannon (Lower canyon).

The most visited and most appropriate to take pictures is the upper canyon, whose excursion lasts an hour and a half.

Highly recommended is to try to make the visit at noon, about 12 o'clock, as it is the moment when the light enters the canyon deeper, causing the most beautiful scenes.

The excursion involves riding a large all-terrain that travels a few miles along a very sandy road until you reach the shore of Lake Powell, from where you access the entrance of Antelope Canyon.

Antelope Canyon entrance

During the visit with the guide, the deep crevasse that originates the narrow canyon is crossed, and during it the different corners of Antelope Canyon.

Of course, according to the experience of a visitor from Antelope CanyonIt is important to avoid the first hours of the day and holidays.

Since for the visit there is usually a large influx of tourists who coincide by the narrow canyon, this can make it difficult to take photos without people in front.

To know the impressions of other travelers who have visited Antelope Canyon, we recommend reading the experience of Aitor and Oihana, in his blog “Gure Bidaiak“, And that of Caliope, in his blog“Trips and Experiences“.

Antelope Canyon tour from Las Vegas

To visit this natural enclave you have the option to sign up for a Tour to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas.

Antelope Canyon - Shutterstock @Asif Islam


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On a 12-hour excursion that takes place with an English guide, after a four-hour journey you will reach Antelope Canyon.

There you will have the option to visit the canyon you prefer, the most suitable for photographs being the superior (Upper canyon).

After touring this canyon and taking your photos, you will return to Las Vegas again.

Here you have all the information about the Tour to Antelope Canyon from Las Vegas.

Antelope Canyon opening hours and tickets

If you prefer to go on your own, you should know that Antelope Canyon visiting hours They are every day from 8 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Lights and colors in Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Tours to visit Antelope Canyon

Of course, only allowed See Antelope Canyon on a guided tour, so you will have to sign up for one of the organized tour by companies in the area whose price.

You have several alternative excursions whose prices start from $ 45 per person, already incorporating the payment of the fee for accessing this tribal park.

Note that if you want to take pictures or record video (insurance ...) you will be charged an additional fee that gives authorization to up to three people.

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How to get to Antelope Canyon

Antelope Canyon It's one of the tribal parks of the Navajo Indian Reservation, and if you go on your own, to get there you have to take a detour on the AZ98 road, east of Page, at the height of mile 299.