A photographic walk through the historic city of Boston

Quincy Market in Boston

If you are looking for a historic city in your trip to the United Statesyou should definitely visit Boston.

In fact, Boston it is one of the obligatory stages in a trip along the east coast, and one of the most visited cities, which will not surprise you when you take a walk through its urban center, where you will find many prominent places in the history of the United States.

Founded in 1630 by English Puritans arriving in U.SIt is currently the most populated city in the region known as New England, which occupies the states of northeast of the country.

State House at the Boston Freedom Trial

While the commonwealth of Boston It has a large area and several million inhabitants, the historical center of the city, which is where you are going to focus your visit, it is very manageable and you can explore it on foot.

The main axis of this visit will be known as Freedom trail (Liberty Walk), an urban route almost four kilometers long that covers 16 prominent places in the city's history related to the American War of Independence.

On this tour you will see historic buildings, cemeteries, churches and statues, all linked by a line of red tiles that leads you from one to another.

Another highlight in your visit will be the Quincy Market, a neoclassical building that houses a market, next to which you will see the greatest atmosphere of the city.

Custom House Tower in downtown Boston

Boston Photos

As an advance to your visit, here is a gallery with the best photos of Boston taken during my last trip to the east coast of the United States.