Best tips to visit Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania


Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

If you are going to travel by car between New York and Washingtonduring a travel along the east coast of the United States, you have the excellent opportunity to visit the Lancaster Amish County, in Pennsylvania

I anticipate that it will be one of the most curious visits you can make in this area of ​​the United States, in addition to its cultural interest.

Known as the Dutch country, by its number of members, in Lancaster the most important grouping of Amish in the United States, after the one that exists in the holmes countyin Ohio.

Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

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  • What are the Amish and where can they be seen?
  • How to see Amish in Lancaster County
  • What to see in the Lancaster Amish County visit
  • How to visit an Amish farm in Lancaster
  • Where to see wooden bridges in Amish County
  • Where and what to eat in Lancaster Amish County
  • How to get to Lancaster Amish County

What are the Amish and where can they be seen?

The Amish they are a Christian religious group of Anabaptist doctrine, which is characterized by its rejection of modern technologies, such as cars or electricity, which leads them to live largely as in the seventeenth century.

Their customs were reflected, as you can remember, in the film The only witness, interpreted by Harrison Ford.

In total, it is estimated that there are about 200,000 people belonging to this congregation, distributed in 22 settlements throughout the United States and in Ontario, Canada.

How to see Amish in Lancaster County

When you arrive in the city of Lancaster and its surroundings, you quickly realize that you are in the Amish County.

Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

Specifically while traveling with the car on roads 340 and 30, and especially on the local routes that link these roads between the villages of Paradise, Intercourse and Bird in Hand,

But, yes, nobody expects to find some towns like the typical ones of the west that you can see in cowboy movies, or uninhabited areas or arid landscapes.

Actually, it is a rich agricultural area with abundance of farms in which its huge silos stand out, and in which the Amish they are dedicated, above all, to grow tobacco.

It will be easy for you to run into Amish driving his carriages by these narrow roads, or working in the field with horses and manual implements, and without any machinery.

You can also see members of this congregation moving through the small towns of the county, all very modern and cared for, and they will always call your attention for their characteristic clothing.

You will see very simple clothes, men with long beards, with black hats in winter and straw in summer, and women always covered by white coats.

Amish Farm in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

Next you have some Tips for visiting Lancaster Amish County.

From tickets you must know that to know Amish County, as we have said before, it is advisable todrive on local roads surrounding roads 340 and 30.

This will allow you to go through Amish farms, cross with carriages circulating, and even visit a store of souvenirs Amish.

Paradise or Bird in hand They are two towns that you must visit on your route through the area.

Amish Farm in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania


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But the first concrete visit you should make is the Farm House Amish Museum, which is very close to Lancaster on Highway 30, heading east, towards Paradise. and where you can learn about the customs and traditions of this religious community.

How to visit an Amish farm in Lancaster

It is aformer Amish Farm which has become a museum house whose visit is ideal to know thecustoms of the Amish.

Attended by some older ladies, they will offer you some texts written in Spanish that will be useful to you during theguided farm tour If you don't speak English well.

During the aforementioned visit, you will visit all the rooms of the house, seeing the furniture and the usual simple equipment in the Amish houses.

Amish Farm in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

To highlight the clothes that you will find properly exposed in the bedrooms of the marriage, as well as the children.

You will be very interested inAmish clothing features, which, for example,lacks buttons for being a show of ostentation.

Also noteworthy are thehome appliances manual operation, usually in the houses of the Amish.

The visit is completed with a walk through the farm, where you can see the farmers own equipment.

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To highlight the instruments for the collection and treatment of tobacco, very common work among the Amish, and you will also see the stables where the animals are kept.

Amish Farm in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

You can complete your visit with a ride in atypical horse carriage used by the Amishto walk around the farm.

You can also hire atourist tour by bus by all the Amish County.

Schedules visit Lancaster Farm House Amish Museum

The visiting hours of Lancaster County Amish Farm, always in guided groups, are, from 9.45 hours, every hour to 16.45 hours.

Wooden Covered Bridge in Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

The ticket prices (2019) are $ 9.96 for adults, $ 8.95 for seniors +60, $ 6.96 for children ages 5 to 11, and free for children under 5.

Where to see wooden bridges in Amish County

Also on your route you must locate and see any of thecovered bridges built in wood that have become more famous after the movieThe bridges of Madison, from Clint eastwood.

This type of bridge is common in Pennsylvania and in particular,in Lancaster Amish County there are 28 bridges.

In the form of a tunnel, they have a characteristic and striking red color.

Wooden Covered Bridge in Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

Built in the 19th century,The oldest wooden bridge is known as Pine Grove (1816); specifically between 1820 and 1900 more than 1,500 bridges were built, although most were destroyed by floods.

Total,in Pennsylvania there are 219 bridges in 40 counties, and the Lancaster County It is the one with the most bridges.

Also known as theKiss BridgesYes, the reason to build them covered was to protect them from the cold.

In 1814 the one that would be the longest of the bridges was built, with almost a mile in length, but it was destroyed in 1832 by a flood.

Bird in Hand in Lancaster Amish County

Here you have access to the list and maps of the wooden covered bridges of Lancaster Amish County.

Where and what to eat in Lancaster Amish County

And finally, you should not miss the opportunity to try the typical Amish food,

You can taste it in free buffet restaurants aimed at tourists that you will find in various parts of the county.

Anish souvenir shop in Lancaster County in Pennsylvania

The food is German style, with sausages, sausages, sour cabbage, etc ... For dessert a good variety of cakes is offered.

For go to Lancaster Amish County, you can do it in different ways:

From New Yorkyou are 164 miles, which means almost 3 hours of road trip (3 hours and a half with traffic).

Lancaster Amish County in Pennsylvania

The route is along the 95 that leads to Philadelphia, but before reaching this city, you must take the 276 that takes you to the county.

From washington you have to travel 120 miles, in 2.20 hours (almost 3 hours with traffic).

Going on the 95 towards the north, at the end of the ring road of Baltimore, you have to head northwest on 295, until you reach York, and take the 30 until Lancaster.

If you are in Philadelphia, you are 70 miles away and an hour and a half, on 202, then take 30 towards Lancaster.