Aranjuez - Places to see on a walk through the Prince's Garden

Jetty in the Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

When visiting celebrities Aranjuez Gardens in the surroundings of Madrid, you should know that known as Prince's Garden it is, with great difference, the one of greater extension, with 150 hectares of extension.

In fact I tell you that, from my point of view, they are the most beautiful to visit because, by their characteristics, it contains the most interesting corners to discover during a walk.

He Prince's Garden is not surrounding the Royal Palace of Aranjuez, like the other gardens, that of the island and the Parterre, but extends on the banks of the Tagus river for the area known as Spring Orchard.

Door of the Round Square in the Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

Built in the late 18th century commissioned by the Charles IV, facing the French style of the gardens surrounding the Royal Palace of Aranjuezin the nearPrince's Garden you will find the characteristic landscape style of the english gardens.

To visit it, you will move away from the building of Royal Palace Eastbound and you will enter through the first of the accesses, the Embarcadero Gate.

Other option is to follow the road that runs along the garden fence and access it through the Round Square Gate.

What to see in the Prince's Garden

It is a set of garden areas where you will find some beautiful corners, such as Pond of the Chinescos, which I consider is the one that shows the greatest charm.

Pond of Chinescos in the Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

In this pond you will find a pair of temple, one of classic style and another of Chinese style, which is what gives the name to this place in the garden.

And next to it you can see the artificial hill known as Roller coaster.

Another prominent corner is the Pier located next to Tagus river, which dates back to the time of Ferdinand VI, and to get there you will pass by a roundabout where five pavilions are built in the times of Carlos III and Charles IV.

Next to the Embarcadero is the current museum of real Falúas. which shows several small boats from different eras that were used by the kings of Spain to navigate places like Tagus river or the Retirement Pond in Madrid.

Now, the main building you find in these gardens is the Labrador Housean old hunting lodge built at the end of the 18th century, at the time of Charles IV.

This palace maintains its original interior decoration and you can visit it by signing up for guided tours that take place in groups.

Prince's Garden in Aranjuez

Pictures Garden of the Prince in Aranjuez

Next you have a photo gallery of the Prince of Aranjuez Gardens, with images in the autumn of some of the mentioned corners.