How to get to Segovia from Madrid, by AVE train or bus


Avant high-speed trains between Madrid and Segovia

Facing you visit of the city of Segovia since MadridIf you are going by car on your own, this information about where to park.

But if you are also going on your own, but in public transport, we will give you below the information about the best options you have.

In this regard, without a doubt the most comfortable and quick way togo to segovia it is with the high speed trains Avant or Alvia that unite the Chamartín station from Madrid with the Aqueduct city.

How to get from Madrid to Segovia by AVE train

Did you know that from Madrid in just 27 minutes !! You arrive at the Segovia station, which is located on the outskirts of the city.

A few years ago, coinciding with the premiere of the new trains Avant, the frequency of thehigh speed trains between Madrid and Segovia.

Schedules and prices for Avant trains from Madrid to Segovia

So, for example, first thing in the morning on weekdays you have trains Avant from Madrid to Segovia with schedules at 8.55, 9.35 and 10.15 hours.

Main facade of the Alcazar of Segovia

And to return from Segovia to Madrid, for example, you have trains at 18.22; 19.13; 19.29; and 20.23 hours.

The AVE train prices from Madrid to Segovia (2019) start at € 13.90 per way, according to the train schedule.

When you arrive at the Segovia station, the city ​​bus line 11 that in 15 minutes takes you to the foot of the Aqueduct, from where you can already start the visit of the city.

At the station you can also choose to take the bus line 12, which takes you to the Segovia bus station.

TheSegovia city bus ticket prices (2019 rates) are 2 euros, both during weekdays and holidays.

Segovia Cathedral

How to get to Segovia from Madrid by bus

Now, if you prefer, you can also go to Segovia by intercity bus of the companiesSepulveda and AvanzaBus, which leave from the Moncloa Transport Exchanger.

This option of public road transport Its main advantage is the lower price and the large number of schedules offered by the direct service between Madrid and Segovia, especially on business days.

On the contrary, the travel to Segovia by bus from Madrid It will take you from one hour and 20 minutes, according to the chosen schedule.

He Madrid to Segovia bus ticket price(2019) varies according to the schedule and the company that provides the service, from 4 euros per trip.

Segovia excursion from Madrid in Spanish

Finally, if you don't want to go to Segovia on your own and prefer to go in a tour organized by an agency, you can join a Segovia tour, excursion that you can do well part-time or in a day.

Alcazar of Segovia from Monastery of Parral

This excursion will allow you visit the main monuments of Segovia, specifically, the Roman aqueduct and the Alcazar in the half-day, and in the full-time one you will also participate in a guided tour of the cathedral and have free time to walk on your own.

Another alternative you have is the Spanish tour to Avila and Segovia in one day.

On this nine-hour excursion that leaves at 9 am from Madrid, you can first visit the walls of Avila, the oldest (11th century) walled enclosure in Spain.

Then you will move to Segovia to see its great monuments, specifically, the aqueduct, the cathedral and the Alcazar.

The return to Madrid is done at 6 pm.