Mysteries and Secrets and other urban routes of Carpetania Madrid in 2014

Routes and guided tours with Carpetania Madrid

Any time of the year is good for visit Madrid for its numerous cultural activitiesBut if you want to deepen your knowledge of the history and culture of the city,  One of the best ways to do this is to sign up for guided tours and urban routes.

In this regard, the group of tourist guides of Carpetania Madrid, within its wide range of urban routes, for this year 2014 He makes specific proposals.

Specifically, the program of urban routes and guided tours of Carpetania Madrid includes, among the novelties, the urban route The Dark Madrid, with a review of the most famous crimes, based on the story just published by Alberto Granados.

Other outstanding routes are Women of the twentieth century, the arrival of change, which reviews the arrival of suffragists and intellectual women, artists or workers, orguided tours ofEl Capricho Garden, which are done only in spring and autumn.

And other usual daytime routes throughout the year are those dedicated toRepublican Madrid, heMadrid of the Austrias, or theMadrid of Galdós.

Regarding the night routes, one of the classic ones and that arouses interest throughout the year, it isMysteries and Secrets of Madrid, that is held from 8.30 pm, leaving the Plaza del Rey.

The route has also become a classicANDl Madrid de Sabina, which part of Tabernillas street, near Cava Baja, and passing through Tirso de Molina and Gran Vía, arrives at the Malasaña neighborhood, to end at the Plaza de Dos de Mayo.

In this way the atmosphere of concerts, cafes and gatherings is revived, and places to eat and drink that during the 80s inspired Joaquin Sabina.

Other usual night routes areFrom Wonders to MalasañaFortunes and adversities of the rogues in the town and court of Madrid, and the recentTocata and fugue, musical walk at night in Madrid, a tour of the musical history of streets and neighborhoods of the capital.

Here you have the information of the programming in this month of guided tours of Carpetania Madrid 2014.